Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aldergrove B-Team SuperPrestige CX - November 23rd

November 23rd - Aldergrove B-Team SuperPrestige CX

It's happening. The FINAL race of our 2013 VCXC races, the last Vancouver SuperPrestige Series race and the penultimate lower mainland race before Canadian Cyclocross Nationals Weekend!

You may notice, we changed some start times. We are doing this because we can, and stop asking questions. Remember to tell your friends.

We will be utilizing the Timing System you were privy to at the Pumpkin Cross race. Please be ready to zap strap an RFID tag to your bike. In addition, if you have a pit bike, we can hook you up with a second RFID tag to keep you rolling. You'll need to bring an extra $5 bucks, a beer or some cookies for this.

Finally, you may be asking why the race costs more. Well, folks, you might remember what New Brighton looked like after the race on September 28th. Oddly enough, the course has not yet forgotten. We are raising a little fund to help cover a few costs to this regard. If you Pre-Register, you can save yourself some additional monies. This will help make sure we can run races in Vancouver Parks next year!

We must, as always, thank our volunteers - Aldergrove B-Team SuperPrestige CX will be volunteered by Musette Caffe - make sure to check out their new location in Chinatown!

The race location may look familiar - our friends of Atomic ran a course here! And the fine folks of the EV Spring Series stage from here! A request from the park - pay attention for the Equestrians and try not to park in the front parking lot!

Check out our freaking awesome sponsors. We will have a number of wicked prizes from SHIMANO that you will be automatically entered for based on the number of races you have attended! We will use SPREADSHEETS and MATH combined with random draw! And other day-of give aways, like two incredible Yakima racks from Live To Play. Thanks Steve!

Finally, we have another rad beer sponsor for the event - Parallel 49 will be out with a few prizes for category winners. So excited.

We will be doing callups based on your results from other VCXC races and will be putting together Vancouver SuperPrestige series standings by the end of race day! Come defend your title!


10:30 AM - Citizen Men | Citizen Women | U19 | U17 | U15 | U13
11:40 AM - Open Women | Master Women | 3/4 Men | Master 3/4 Men
1:00 PM - Elite Men | Master 1/2 Men | Single Speedsters

Thanks for your continued support!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Brighton SuperPrestige CX 2013 Results Posted Online!

Course creator Nick Berry enjoying his own designs.

Folks. It was an awesome day of cyclocross at New Brighton Park in Vancouver.

We weathered the rain storms with our dear friends of Steed Cycles and were out at 6am setting up course. If it weren't for James and his killer spikes, out tents likely would have ended up set up in the Vanier park a day early.

We all have to give a big hand to the volunteers on a crappy day like Saturday was; they come out, sit around, freeze their butts off and then take the whole thing down at the end of the day while you're taking relaxing epson salt baths. So much thanks to Steed, Mighty and those unaffiliated volunteers that just happen to love us that much.

And an additional shout to supporters like Steve Pukesh and the prizes from Norco/Live To Play (Clement Tires, Yakima Racks, Lazer Helmets), Brodie Bikes for the tents, numbers and vehicles, Musette Caffe for volunteer coffee and a place to yell from, R&B Brewing for the prize beer and Shimano for supporting the entire series!

Unfortunately, as an organizer, I get to spend very little time watching the racing, and lots of time running around yelling through a megaphone. So it's really a toss-up.

Anyway, you should really take a look at some of the amazing photos that Scott Roberts took to get the full story.

Results from the event are here: New Brighton SuperPrestige 2013 Results

And more photos from the Flickr can be found here - with photos by Andrew Summers, Steve Pukesh, Asad Masede to name a few.

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Brighton SuperPrestige CX 2013

You know how when you start a blog page, and then a Facebook, and a Twitter, and you forget that the blog page has merit? Yea. So we do that sometimes.

What's important is that you guys know we're here. And for those of you that don't want to check out our Facebook Page, you can still glean all the real important things from here!


September 28th, 2013, New Brighton SuperPrestige CX returns! The 6th Annual NB course will absolutely slay you. Figuratively.

 A Course Map could be super cool as well. How about we put those here:

Parking is as last year, with the tents to be set up along the West Crest above the soccer field. 

A note to Youth Riders, U19/U17/U15/U13 - We are splitting starts for you guys, so that you each get results pursuant to your age group. We do, as organizers, reserve the right to run the group together should there be too few to warrant splits. Thanks for understanding; we're up to our eyeballs in categories.

Also, you don't get to win beer unless you provide a proper ID.

That goes for Masters racers as well.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Race Day Results

So for those folks that aren't following us on all those other dreaded social media platforms (HINT: Twitter or Facebook) - we have results!

You can see them here: Fort Langley CX Classic 2013 Results

A huge shout to our sponsors, who showed up with SO MANY COOL THINGS to give us. Yakima racks, Shimano pedals, Lazer helmets, Brodie providing us with a van for the entire setup weekend! Gore clothing, Clement tires, Norco Steve, Shimano course tape and barriers (I'm sure you guys were super appreciative of those) and BEER from R&B Brewing!
We are working on a race report. In lieu of an official race report from our end, please take a moment to visit this mountain biking website to read Confessions of a Sandbagger.

Thanks for making this the biggest Fort Langley CX Classic since Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition started (last year).

Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Fort Langley CX Classic - Aldor Acres September 1st

The Cross Season Cometh.

You want and we provide. The first race of the year, organized by Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition, part of the Vancouver SuperPrestige CX Series, presented in partnership with Shimano.

The Fort Langley CX Classic is, as always, brought to you by Mighty Riders // On the Rivet. We've got some awesome partners making this event big, like Live to Play, R & B Brewing and Brodie Bicycles. Check out the poster for details!

We will have Pre-Registration live in a bit. Don't rush me. You know I don't like being rushed. LIKE HERE:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

V_CX_C 2013 Schedule!

I know, I know. Cyclocross. You can't wait. This warm weather, clear sky and incessant road riding is getting you down. It's OK. Fall is coming. Rain, mud, suffering. It will be yours soon enough.

With cycling club volunteers like Mighty Cycling, Steed Cycling and Musette Cycling, these teams will be out in full force at the events, setting up, taking down, shaking hands, kissing babies. Without volunteers, racing wouldn't exist, so please consider coming early and getting your warmup in putting up stakes, setting up tents or doing whatever it is Paul McCloskey yells over a megaphone.

This year promises a full calendar, courtesy of all the Vancouver Superprestige organizers. You can find more here at Cycling BC.

If you are interested in having your team tents or possibly your product tents represented at a VCXC race, please contact us via our Facebook Page - Or if you have any timing equipment, handheld radios, megaphones, laptops or ground stakes you don't need...

Yours in Suffering,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Results!!! Sorry for the delay, but in Meat's own words: "Having jobs is stupid!" Race report to follow.

New Brighton Superprestige
Master 1/2 Men
Pos  bib #
Chris McNeil 1 114
Martin Bojesen 2 107
Brad Collins 3 104
John Benskin 4 109
John Irvine 5 117
Brad Issel 6 119
David Kvick 7 121
Rick Rodland 8 115
Kalle Karu 9 103
Dale Ewanchook 10 108
Scott McGregor 11 113
Colin Campbell 12 118
Pete Holzhuter 13 101
Joshua Weiss 14 106
Brent Hambleton 15 112
Keith Wilson 16 105
Mathew Drown DNF 111
Elite Men 1/2
pos bib #
Steve Fisher 1 102
Aaron Schooler 2 15
Kevin Noiles 3 11
Kevin Calhoun 4 2
Andrew Pinfold 5 16
Bob Welbourn 6 7
Sven Sturm 7 12
Mike Berkenpas 8 3
Wai-Ben Wong 9 9
Brett Wakefield 10 6
Trevor Pearson 1 lap down 5
Sherwood Plant 8
Richard Machein 10
Louis Dillon 14
Ian Robertson 2 laps down 14
Single Speed
pos bib #
Nick Berry 1 209
Niels Steiner 2 206
Bart Nakano 3 202
Scott Sportsman 4 203
Mark Oldenburg 5 204
Lucas Gallager 6 207
Ashley Stotts 7 205
Robert Airey 8 208
Open Women
pos bib #
Mical Dyck 1 172
Jean Ann Berkenpas 2 176
Jenny Lehmann 3 178
Heidi Manicke 4 177
Talita Almeida 2 laps down 171
Ivy Andrain DNF 174
Caitlin Reimer DNS
Master Women
pos bib #
Katie Lotterhos 1 185
Emily Sportsman 2 138
Karen Fedoruk 2 187
Karen Todd 4 184
Bobbi Handford 5 183
Corinne Issel 6 182
Nikki Licht 7 181
Master Men 3/4
pos bib #
Aaron Weiss 1 61
Vincent Marcotte 2 60
Dan Gronross 3 59
Dougls Ritchie 4 139
Ray Lachance 5 71
Sheldon Orr 6 131
Bob Chew 7 72
Andrew Summers 8 68
Ryan Kazakoff 9 133
Patrick Beckstead 10 62
Ted Matson 11 52
Kurt Withers 12 54
Jeff Hanninen 13 134
Chiron Kantakis 14 67
Jason Bond 15 135
Michael Dolling 16 130
Brian Willock 17 70
John Tani 18 132
Regan Pringle 19 57
Tobin Copely 20 58
Dave Collins 21 66
Brian Greening 22 90
Steve Cooper 23 120
Jay Loder 24 63
Andrew Lea 25 137
Michael McClure 26 74
Brian Gunn 27 73
John Wong 28 75
Scott Wilson 1 lap down 55
Chris Hardwick 56
Jeff Van Mulligan 2 laps down 53
Men 3/4
pos bib #
Nigel Kinney 1 26
Ted Martin 2 64
Evan Wishloff 3 27
Kelly Servinski 4 22
Brandon Thompson 5 23
Darrin Grund 6 21
Michael Parrish 7 30
Alexander Dove 8 24
Kevin Kondra 9 28
Jon Sonnenschein 10 29
Van Shih 11 65
Armand Hurford DNF 25
pos bib #
Carsten Lapointe 1 42
Peter Whalen 2 41
Josh Hardwick (U15) 3 43
Citizen Men
pos bib
Peter Zubick 1 88
Charles Jardine 2 85
Mike Pearson 3 87
Jason Rhodes 4 77
Michael Goodman 5 162
Dominik Szopa 6 144
Brian Reguly 7 147
Dale Thiessen 8 142
Doug Giles 9 143
Paul McCarthy 10 86
Drew hemmingson 11 149
David Gilmour 12 78
Matthew Sipple 13 157
Glenn Ross  14 169
Andrew Tuovinen 15 164
Cameron Adam 16 79
Einar Halbig 17 148
Jamie Johnson 18 152
David Usher 19 158
Steve Pukesh 20 145
Robert de Rot lapped 156
William Richardson 165
James Clarke 89
Doug Brons 141
Paul Chaytors 167
Martin Richardson 146
Geoffrey Wherrett 153
David Hodgeson 150
Eric Case 151
Erik Wyatt 159
Jeff Tymchuck 81
Andrew Pickell DNF 161
Jason Glucken DNF 82
Citizen Women
pos bib #
Joey Luyckx 1 80
Donna Bartel 2 155
Suzanne Nagey 3 76
Sarah Nathan 4 170
Margaret Ovenell DNF 84